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Hello! I'm Jen Clinehens (MS, MBA) the founder of Choice Hacking and Choice Hacking Academy.

In 2022, after noticing a lack of truly actionable online courses for marketers, I founded Choice Hacking Academy to help folks level-up their marketing skills and learn from world-leading experts. 

You can read more about me and Choice Hacking Academy below: 

Who am I?

A passionate and trained educator

  • Teaching is in my blood (my mom was a teacher and reading specialist for 20+ years) and to me, nothing compares to communicating a complex subject in an interesting and engaging way for students.
  • I've taught students at every age - from graduate classes, MBA students, and retired folks all the way down to elementary school. 
  • Teaching isn't just something I've picked up - I've gone through extensive training including studying pedagogy and curriculum design at the graduate level. 
  • I probably like learning a little too much, after earning a Masters in Creative Brand Management from the VCU Brandcenter (dubbed the 'Harvard of Advertising'), I earned my MBA at the top-ranked Goizueta Business School at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia.
  • An experienced marketing professional

  • I've been lucky to have a career that's spanned client & agency-side roles, as well as multiple geographies including the US (my homeland), the UK (my home base), Europe, Canada, the Middle East & Africa, Australia, South America, and Asia. Some highlights include:
  • Helping McDonald's transform its in-store and drive thru experiences across the world
  • Working in corporate innovation at AT&T (the world's biggest telecoms company) to help launch new tech & transform their digital and retail channels
  • Work with brands like Starbucks, Adidas, Marks & Spencers (UK) and Lloyds Banking Group create meaningful customer experiences that transcend (and connect) digital and physical channels
  • Helping make some of the world's biggest and best loyalty programs even better: AT&T Thanks, American Express' Plenti, Starbucks Rewards, O2 Priority, McDonalds' app, and many more.

  • What makes Choice Hacking Academy different?

    ✅ Quality of instructors

    Our instructors are seasoned experts who have worked in some of the world's most prestigious advertising agencies and brands, creating marketing that's cutting-edge but rooted in timeless industry principles. 

    ✅ Practical, timely courses that set you up for success 

    Our courses are pragmatic, practical, and we present both strategic AND tactical recommendations that allow you to hit the ground running in a matter of hours - armed with templates, worksheets, cheatsheets, and more invaluable resources. 

    ✅ Certificates you can proudly display 

    After completing each course, you'll earn a certificate that you can proudly display on your LinkedIn profile, CV or resume, or even print out and stick on a wall. Certificates are registered on the blockchain and unique to you - they can be easily verified by potential and current employers. 

    ✅ Trusted by some of the world's best brands

    Choice Hacking and Choice Hacking Academy are well-respected brands, whose resources, training, and courses are trusted by some of the world's leading brands, including: 

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    Click here to join  founder Jen Clinehens for a free 60-minute workshop June 21, 2024 at 12:00 PM EST (replays will be shared).