Transform your presentations from overwhelming and forgettable to riveting and persuasive. 

I hope you join us! 

-Jen Clinehens 

Jennifer Clinehens

Founder and Managing Director, Choice Hacking

Persuasive presentations keep the lights on.

If you're a founder, agency owner, or marketer, you know that persuasive presentations are crucial for your business.

But too many people start each presentation from scratch.

But persuasive presentations can feel like a mysterious art...

🧠 Many of the the businesses and agencies I've worked with in the past didn't have a reliable presentations creation process:

😅 Every presentation or pitch was started from scratch.

😅 Everything was overcomplicated

😅 The process felt like a manic race to the finish line 

People that don't have a science-based approach to pitching & presenting think persuasion is out of their hands...

😅 They often focused more on the ideas than the packaging and framing of those ideas.

😅 These folks have a subconscious mentality that says, "I need to show off how much I know - if I don't include all the insights or data I discovered, they won't trust my work."

😅😅 Unsurprisingly, these agencies, brands, and people don't create very engaging presentations and pitches.

But the companies that are great at presenting didn't get there accidentally...

Here's what it was like working with agencies, consultancies, startups, and sales folks who are great at creating pitches and presentations: 

✅ They know exactly who the audience is, what they value, and how to flex the content of their pitch or presentation to fit the culture of the industry or audience.

✅ The presentation and pitch process feels confident, methodical, and purposeful - not like a wildfire spinning out of control.

✅ They focus more on the framing & packaging of ideas than the ideas themselves (but always have strong findings, data, reasoning and insights). 

And whether they know it or not, their presentations are FULL of persuasion psychology, behavioral science and neuroscience techniques. 

In this course, you'll learn how to transform your presentations from boring infoblasts to irresistibly persuasive (using science, not guesswork): 

  • Use behavioral science to hack into your audience's deepest needs & desires
  • Discover the 6 elements of captivating and persuasive presentations  
  • Balance your storytelling and deep content slides with the Seesaw Method 
  • Learn to supercharge your presentation design with predictive AI to show off your ideas in the most persuasive way possible
  • Understand the science of how clients decide whether a presentation was "persuasive" enough and they're ready to buy
  • And more...


How to Create Persuasive Presentations with Behavioral Science & AI

In "How to Create Persuasive Presentations & Pitches with Behavioral Science & Predictive AI," you'll learn to become a more persuasive presenter with evidence-based approaches.

❌ Stop relying on your gut, working nights and weekends, and thinking of persuasive presentations as a mysterious art that can't be systemitized. 

✅ Start creating presentations that enchant your audience and help you business grow with a methodical, evidence-based (and winning) system.

Step-by-Step Video Lessons

Easy-to-follow and practical bite-sized video lessons that help you right away (and fit into your busy schedule).

Worksheets & Cheatsheets

Hit the ground running with practical frameworks and tools that go beyond the obvious - distilling exactly what you need to know and how to action it. 

Real-World Examples

What good is knowledge if you can't act on it? This course is focused on practical application, forged from thousands of hours of real-world experience.

Simple Psychological Frameworks

You'll leave this course armed with simple, but powerful, psychological frameworks that turn presentation & pitch prep from a whirlwind to a methodical process. 

You'll leave this course feeling confident in your ability to: 

  • Run presentation and pitch processes that doesn't feel like a wildfire out of control
  • Be the most memorable agency, brand or company that your client sees - and learn why being unforgettable is the most powerful lever for sales 
  • Perfect your slide designs and messaging using powerful Predictive AI tools
  • Tailor the content of your presentation so that it matches your client's values, ideal way of processing information, and company culture
  • Overcome your audience's objections and cognitive biases with ease (whether they're consciously aware of them or not)

Frequently Asked Questions

"I work in an agency or as a consultant - is this course right for me?"

Yes!  This course will help you get potential clients to know, like, and trust you - resulting in more persuasive presentations. 

"I'm just starting my business - will this course help me?"

Yes!  This course can help you create, polish, and perfect your presentation, pitching, and sales process to help you find you first client.   

"If I work in a B2B sales team - will this material be applicable?"

Yes!  The skills in this course can everyone who has to get an organization to buy their wares - whether that's a SaaS platform, a marketing campaign, or a consulting services. 

"My industry doesn't 'pitch' against other firms, will this help me?"

Yes!  This course is about persuading people through presentations - even if you're not doing ad agency-style head-to-head pitches with other firms, you still need to persuade your audience. Whether it's to buy your product, your services, or even to get funding for your business from a bank or venture capital firm. 

Get a personalized course certificate to share with your network.

You'll be able to share this unique certificate with potential employers and your professional social media networks. You can even print it out and put it up on your wall. 

Each certificate is assigned a unique identifier code verified by blockchain technology and eligible to be displayed right on your LinkedIn profile. 

What students

love about 

Choice Hacking courses:

Highly recommend it... [to] all Marketeers

"Finally, I decided to join this course and I have learnt so much on behaviour science affects and practical applications across the Customer Journey...

I highly recommend it to all especially to all #cx enthusiasts and all Marketeers."

Muss Haq

Strategic Customer Insight Manager, TSB

Practical applications of Behavioral Science

"Would really recommend [this course] for anyone looking for practical application of BeSci in digital customer journeys.

#behaviouraleconomics #behavioralscience"

Elane Vrey

Creative Director, Standard Bank Group

Magnificently designed course!

Thank you Choice Hacking and Jennifer Clinehens for this magnificently designed course on behavioral science and its practical applications.

Livyo Hazbay

Digital Analytics Expert at BSH

Meet Your Instructor

Jennifer Clinehens, MS/MBA

After years creating science-powered customer experiences in ad agencies, client-side, and startup roles, I've developed a unique approach to customer experience that leverages Behavioral Science and psychology. 

In my career, I've been lucky enough to work with some of world's best brands, like:

But the thing I'm proudest of is founding Choice Hacking and building a global community of creative business people that want to learn more about using psychology and behavioral science in their work.

I'm excited to take you on a journey to using behavioral science and psychology to increase your sales and perfect your pitch process - I can't wait to get started!

- Jen

Take a peek at the course content...

Here's what you'll get when you enroll in this course.

  1. 1
    Lesson 1: Busting presentation myths. We'll talk about the bad assumptions many of us have held throughout our careers about how to create pitches and presentations that inspire action. Here's what the science and evidence says about what actually persuades audiences.  
  2. 2
    Lesson 2: What is behavioral science & how does it help us persuade audiences? An introduction to the mental shortcuts, thinking errors, and cognitive hacks we can use to make our message more memorable (and support our clients through their often irrational decision-making process). 
  3. 3
    Lesson 3: How to be remembered. Persuasive presentations and pitching happen when your message is clearly understood and remembered. We'll walk through a proven presentation framework used by university professors, scientists, marketers, and the world's most popular TED speakers. 
  4. 4
    Lesson 4: Scientific slide craft. How to use predictive AI tools, psychological design principles, and behavioral science to create presentation slides that are impossible to forget. 
  5. 5
    Lesson 5: A simple framework for persuasive presentations. We'll walk through a framework to help you quickly figure out how to craft your presentation deck or pitch so it uses the best persuasion tools and slide design for your audience. 

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

You are fully protected by the Choice Hacking 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. If you enroll in the course, complete all of the quizzes, and you are unsatisfied, don't worry.

You can get a full refund within 30 days after your purchase, no questions asked. 

- Jen 

Choice Hacking is trusted by people at the world's biggest brands 

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Is this course right for me?

This course IS for you if...

  • You want to go from feeling like pitch and presentation outcomes are out of your control to knowing you have an easy, repeatable, and winning process rooted in behavioral science and psychology.
  • You are a founder or entrepreneur, you work in sales, marketing, advertising, consulting, or you're anyone who depends on persuasive presentations to power their business
  • You don't want to feel scummy, spammy, or fake when you're selling your services. 

This course IS NOT for you if...

  • You believe that Behavioral Science is a "silver bullet" that will instantly solve all your problems. Even though these principles are a leg up, your results may vary depending on your market, clients, industry, and execution.
  • You want to learn these principles to manipulate your audiences into doing something they don't actually want to do (or that isn't in their best interest). 
  • You want to learn these principles to trick investors into giving you money for a product that doesn't work or a technology that doesn't exist. 

Don't just listen to us...

Bilge B. 

Global Consumer Business Insights & Analytics Lead, GSK

Examples and use cases bring concepts alive

Very well prepared, bite-sized training full of examples and use cases to bring concepts alive. 

Nice one for marketers at different level of knowledge on BeSci.

Course: Behavioral Science + Psychology 101

Ryan D. 

VP Organizational Learning and Development

This [course] was fantastic. 

Loved the course format and the bite size learning as well as the resources and templates.

The key principles discussed are not only for marketing, but also to the world of Organizational Development and how to activate and engage team members.

Course: Behavioral Science & Psychology 101 

Brett C. 

Founder, Opendoor Marketing

Now to find some clients to implement this on!

Just received my latest certification on "Behavioural Science and Psychology 101 for Marketers". Some great insights into why we do what we do (note: humans aren't as logical as we would like to think). 

Course: Behavioral Science & Psychology 101 

Transform your presentations into persuasion machines

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  • Personalized support and feedback 
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