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This video workshop will help you understand the science behind emotion and how brands can harness it to get customers engaged. 

Unlock the "X-factor" that drives engagement, persuasion, and inspiration... EMOTION

This high-value workshop is packed with real world examples and psychology-driven tactics to create amazing marketing and customer experiences with the power of emotion. 

Deloitte Digital found that positive emotional experiences drive business results:

  • 92% of customers are more likely to stay loyal to a brand with which they have a positive emotional connection.
  • 88% of customers are more likely to spend more with brands about which they feel positively.
  • 91% of customers are willing to advocate for businesses which they associate positive emotions.

If that wasn’t enough to convince you, customer experience research firm Forrester found that the way customers feel about a brand has 1.5x more impact on business outcomes than how they think about it.

In other words, emotions are like superglue for brands.

They can:

  • Grab people’s attention
  • Make your brand more memorable
  • Increase the odds customers will buy when it’s time
  • But most importantly, emotion can help us create meaningful relationships with customers - not just transactional ones.

Join Choice Hacking founder Jennifer Clinehens for this 60-minute Skill Session Workshop to learn how to drive customer engagement with EMOTION:

We'll explore the power of behavioral science and psychology for business: 

  • How emotion drives brand preference, memories, and willingness to recommend
  • How emotion can help your product be customers’ number one choice - every time
  • How to understand what your customers are feeling now, and to set the stage for a more positive emotional experience

- And how to apply these learnings in the real-world.

We'll examine foundational Behavioral Science principles and cutting-edge findings- but we won't stop at academic insights. We'll also explore:

  • Dozens of real-world brand examples
  • Practical strategies for application in marketing and product design
  • Specific formulas and frameworks to help you hit the ground running

Join 1000s of Choice Hacking's happy learners:

"I'm loving it - there's so many examples and useful information. I like the pace too - one module a week is perfect."



"Loved all the examples in the course, it makes learning so much easier. Specifically the 20 examples of journey maps with your comments."



"Thank you. I'm really enjoying your content and will use it for our new product launch in Nigeria."



"This is a very relevant course for me. I work in marketing and I never feel like we understand what the customer is thinking and feeling. But now we do, thanks to you!"


CX Manager

A really well done course!

As a participant you get a new, inspiring and positive view of how customers really think and act. Suitable for anyone who wants to reinvent or redesign new products, services or entire business models that really convince customers and encourage them to buy.

Course: Getting to Yes

Erik L. // Owner and Director, REINVENTIS Innovation

Magnificently designed course!

Thank you Choice Hacking and Jennifer Clinehens for this magnificently designed course on behavioral science and its practical applications.

Course: How to Create Persuasive Experiences

Livyo Hazbay // Digital Analytics Expert at BSH

Examples and use cases bring concepts alive

"Very well prepared, bite-sized training full of examples and use cases to bring concepts alive.

Nice one for marketers at different level of knowledge on BeSci."

Course: Behavioral Science + Psychology 101 for Marketers

Bilge Balci // Global Consumer Business Insights & Analytics Lead, GSK

Practical applications of Behavioral Science

"Would really recommend [this course] for anyone looking for practical application of BeSci in digital customer journeys.

#behaviouraleconomics #behavioralscience"

Course: How to Create Persuasive Experiences 

Elane Vrey // Creative Director, Standard Bank Group

This course was fantastic. 

"The key principles discussed are not only for marketing, but also to the world of Organizational Development and how to activate and engage team members. 

Loved the course format and the bite size learning as well as the resources and templates."

Course:  Behavioral Science & Psychology 101 

Ryan D. // VP Organizational Learning and Development

Highly recommend it... [to] all Marketeers

"Finally, I decided to join this course and I have learnt so much on behaviour science affects and practical applications across the Customer Journey...

I highly recommend it to all especially to all #cx enthusiasts and all Marketeers."

Course: How to Create Persuasive Experiences

Muss Haq // Strategic Customer Insight Manager, TSB

Choice Hacking is trusted by people at the world's biggest brands:  

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Meet Your Instructor

Jennifer Clinehens, MS/MBA

After years creating science-powered customer experiences in ad agencies, client-side, and startup roles, I've developed a unique approach to customer experience that leverages Behavioral Science and psychology. 

In my career, I've been lucky enough to work with some of world's best brands, like:

But the thing I'm proudest of is founding Choice Hacking and building a global community of marketers and entrepreneurs that want to learn more about using psychology and behavioral science to grow their businesses. 

- Jen

Resonate with buyers using the power of emotion...

How to Drive Customer Engagement With EMOTION
Video Workshop
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  • 100s of hours of research and testing, distilled into an actionable course
  • Research-backed strategies to help you create customer experiences and marketing that use emotion to ethically connect and engage
  • Instant access to workshop and materials
  • Lifetime access to this workshop & all updates

On a mission to get 100M creative folks supercharging

their work with psychology, AI, and behavioral science.


Click here to join  founder Jen Clinehens for a free 60-minute workshop June 21, 2024 at 12:00 PM EST (replays will be shared).