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Being a marketer in 2023 can feel overwhelming. There's so much to learn!

Choice Hacking Academy helps you understand the most important - and bankable - marketing skills with practical, evidence-based courses rooted in the science of human psychology and behavior.

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Supercharge your marketing skills

We've all done it. 

Spent hundreds of hours (and maybe some tears) on a project.

Then, with high hopes, we release it into the world. 

And what happens?

It falls flat :( 

But what if you could peek inside peoples' heads and hearts before you launch? 

If you could decode WHY they behave the way they do?

(Even if they don’t always understand it themselves).

Choice Hacking's courses can help. Here's how:

Step-by-Step Video Lessons

All courses are pragmatic and easy to follow - created by accomplished professionals to make sure you can follow and apply the material. 

100's of Real-World Examples 

Seeing psychology and behavioral science at work in real brands helps cement the concepts and spark your imagination. 

Actionable Tools & Frameworks

Every course includes battle-tested frameworks, worksheets, cheatsheets, and tools. 

Course Certificates

Course completion certificates that you can print out, share, or add to LinkedIn with one click.

Lifetime Access

When you purchase a Choice Hacking resource, you get access forever (and that includes all course updates and new resources).

Live Support & Office Hours

Never feel left behind again with our live support - regular virtual office hours ensure you get all your questions answered.

About Choice Hacking

Hi, I'm Jen Clinehens, the founder of Choice Hacking. 

I started Choice Hacking because I've seen first-hand how behavioral science, psychology, and AI have the power to create effective, engaging, and meaningful customer experiences. 

After years spent creating products and customer experiences for global brands like AT&T, McDonalds, Adidas, and Starbucks, I've seen this combination of art and science supercharge creative work and deliver engaging and meaningful experiences across the customer journey. I'm confident these tools can help level-up your work (and your resume)

I hope you join us.


What people say about our courses

Highly recommend it... [to] all Marketeers

"Finally, I decided to join this course and I have learnt so much on behaviour science affects and practical applications across the Customer Journey...

I highly recommend it to all especially to all #cx enthusiasts and all Marketeers.

Muss H. 

Strategic Customer Insight Manager, TSB

"This mini course was fantastic. 

The key principles discussed are not only for marketing, but also to the world of Organizational Development and how to activate and engage team members. 

Loved the course format and the bite size learning as well as the resources and templates."

Ryan D. 

VP Organizational Learning and Development

Examples and use cases bring concepts alive

"Very well prepared, bite-sized training full of examples and use cases to bring concepts alive. 

Nice one for marketers at different level of knowledge on BeSci."

Bilge B. 

Global Consumer Business Insights & Analytics Lead, GSK

This course gave me new professional tools...

I am pleased to announce that I graduated from How to Create Persuasive Experiences at Choice Hacking!

Whether it's #UserExperience, #CustomerExperience, #ServiceDesign or #HumanCenteredDesign, this course gave me new professional tools to implement in my work.

Thank you Jennifer Clinehens for sharing the insights of your job, inspire other people and let them grow, personally and professionally! (Translated from French)

Alessandro B. 

CX / UX Designer & Innovation 

A treasure trove of gems

🧠 I’m a total geek for user & behavioral psychology’s application to various brand experiences — and Jennifer Clinehens’ Choice Hacking is a treasure trove of gems 💎

Lacey B.  

Head of Customer Advocacy

Now to find some clients to implement this on!
Just received my latest certification on "Behavioural Science and Psychology 101 for Marketers". Some great insights into why we do what we do (note: humans aren't as logical as we would like to think).

Brett C. 



Did you know that some employers will reimburse the cost of a Choice Hacking course? 

[Here's an email template to help you make the case.]

Behavioral Science 

& Psychology 101

for Marketers

Learn the basics of applied behavioral science and psychology with 100+ real-world examples and 20 of the most effective principles. 

Getting to Yes:

Persuasive Marketing Messages

Learn the seven foundational principles of persuasion and how to apply them to sales and marketing communications.

How to Create Persuasive Experiences

Learn how to create a consistent and effective customer experience across multiple channels, using behavioral science and psychology.

How to Create Customer Journey Maps

Learn how to create a customer journey map that improves your marketing and customer experiences (and doesn't just sit in a drawer). 

Find & Win More Clients (with Science)

Learn how to find more (and better) clients when you apply the power of behavioral science and psychology to your sales process.

Persuasive Presentations Course Image


How to Craft Persuasive Presentations

Take this course if you want to get more ideas sold, win more pitches, and get people talking about your presentation. 

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